Soulus: Restoration of Animalia

The world is devoid of life. That's what you discovered, after wandering around for a while. Around every corner, you expected to see a creature. A wolf. A bear. A cow. A pig. Birds. Squirrels. Life. But there never was any. There were plants, of course. Trees, ferns, grasses. But as they swayed in the light breeze, they seemed — quiet. Everything seemed quiet. Were the insects gone as well?

You were truly, completely alone. And what does one do, when completely alone? Search, aimlessly, to once again find someone. Find something.

That's when you stumbled upon it. Little bones sticking out of the side of a hill. A fossil. A connection to the past. Painstakingly, you dug it up, trying to preserve it as best you could with your bare hands. Still, the bones had become weathered, and fell apart in your hands. You were left with a few measly chunks of bone. This was it. The remnant of a past world.

Angry, exhausted, and upset, you threw the chunks on the ground. You heard a small clink as one hit a rock. Looking down, you saw that the chunk had split open, revealing a fine coloured powder inside. Some kind of strange remnant of the creature. It was sparkly and didn't seem natural.

But maybe, just maybe, that powder could be useful.

As you thought to yourself, you suddenly heard a thump to your side. Turning again, you saw that an old tome had landed on the ground next to you. You looked up, expecting to see someone or something there, but... nothing. Bending down to pick it up, you read the title.

Soulus: Restoration of Animalia